Logan alumni to play football against RHS alumni
By Jim Turner

Posted on January 15, 2015 1:27 PM

A football game is being organized between alumni of Russellville and Logan County high schools. It will be full-contact with helmets, pads and uniforms.

The game will be played at Rhea Stadium on Friday, April 24, at 7:30 p.m. with proceeds going to the football programs at both schools.

An effort is being made to get 40 players on the roster for each team. The fee to play is $100 per person. The first 40 who register will be accepted, according to Russellville football coach John Myers.

Any player who has graduated is eligible to play. Visit the website alumnifootballusa.com for more info,” he says. Logan County Middle School football coach Todd Adler also has information about it on his Facebook page.

Logan County graduate and former Graves County Athletic Director Doug Gloyd is team coordinator for Alumni Football USA. He can be reached by email at d.gloyd@alumnifootballusa.com.

Games are also scheduled between Mayfield and Paducah Tilghman, Graves County and Marshall County, Franklin-Simpson and Portland, Glasgow and Barren County, Bowling Green and Warren Central, Allen County-Scottsville and Monroe County, Caverna and Hart County, Hopkinsville and Christian County Trigg County and Caldwell County, Garrard County and Lincoln County, and many others.

Bob Cazel is president, CEO and founder of Alumni Football USA. He explains it this way:

“Alumni Football USA® has put on over 1,000 games in 24 states in the past 29 years. We have helped raise over $770,000 for local communities around the country. Everyone has a great time revisiting yesteryear. We are proud to be a part of this phenomenon. All these guys are so happy the get one last chance on the field. I have had plenty of guys, after the game, in tears just for the opportunity. In May 2012 there were fathers playing with sons and nephews, a high school football coach playing despite a prosthetic leg, a 50 year old who lost 68 pounds to play, a 19-year-old coached the winning team, and a soldier flew in from Afghanistan to play- and that was just one game.

“Most guys wish for the chance, but don't know they can have it. The guys are always our first priority. They are why we do what we do. We have done games for over 75,000 players and they have loved it! There are thousands of guys out there who feel the same way, and our message to them is: you can also play. All they need to do is call us, get on a roster, pass the word to their buddies and we will do their game, help raise money for their schools, and give their communities (family, friends, and associates) a show they'll never forget. We are making memories, solidifying new relationships ('82 grads playing w/'99 and 04' grads), and challenging men to help create better communities through these new relationships. This is a very fulfilling and gratifying position.

“I do not take it lightly. We work long hours and enjoy the "fight" everyday to get the
message to guys that they can play again. Most guys can't and don't believe it is real, until they actually play. Like we used to yell in unison on those long, warm summer nights while we played football in the street and our moms would yell it's time to come in, "One More Play!!!" That's all we are doing today..."One More Play..."

More information is available in the following announcement:




Russellville Alumni vs. Logan Co. Alumni

April 24, 2015 7:30pm

Rhea Stadium



 THE Best of the Best Series

Calling all former players the chance to play in a FULL CONTACT football game is here! These are complete high school rules games. We organize the entire event and supply the equipment, while YOU supply the greatest hits.

Only the first 40 players will be given a roster spot for their respective schools. Spots are going quickly!

To Sign up, go to


or call 866-U-GET-HIT!

PROGRAMS IN 2012-2014.



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