CharacterWorks honors Students of Character
By Penni Nugent

Posted on December 20, 2015 6:37 PM

On Saturday, Dec. 12, students numbering 75 and an overflow crowd of supportive parents, family members, and friends gathered in the Historic Courthouse to recognize each student. 

Teachers selected each student from all over Russellville and Logan County to be recognized for exemplary Character for the past semester. 

As they signed in and received a light snack, Trey Farlee, former RJSHS student, shared his talent on guitar and vocals, and librarian Evelyn Richardson shared her wealth of knowledge regarding the significant history of the Historic Courthouse. 

Each student’s name, grade, school, and a short statement of what they think makes a good role model was read as the student came forward to receive his or her medal and a Logan County CharacterWorks bumper sticker. 

This was the largest attendance for the event so far, and many positive compliments were shared, despite the lights and air conditioning going out! This is a very beneficial program, and the community is seeing positive results since it has been adopted.

Olmstead PrincipalBonnie Watson assisted with registration. Stevenson Elementary Principal Lisa White plays a major role in providing this for our county. 

Student recipients were: 

From Auburn School: Brianna Higgins, Abigail Cassetty, Tate McLean, Annaleigh Christmas, Savannah Duncan, Jacob Gregory, Danny Dotson

From Chandlers School: Kelsie Blackburn, Skyler Deen, Hayden Cartas, Karissa Parrish, Schin Crawford, Lexy Sisk, Carlee Baker, Aidyn Bryan, Neal Winchester, Audrey Shoulders, Robert Cooper, Kalya Adams, Evan Badgett, Rhianna Matthews, Aislynn Matthews, Brayden Richmond, Asher Woodall, Caylee Stranger, Xavier Morse, Joshua Dukes, Ellie Sandlin, Sara Manning, Hunter Burras, Lawton Plumlee, Eli Higgins, Kylie Rohling, Jacob Beliles

From Olmstead School: Ashley McIntosh, Emily McIntosh, Hannah Matthews, Remi Stone, Jessi Bogle, Tripp Wadlington, Zachary Krohn. Michael Montgomery, Kenton Holloway, Calista Petrie, Emma Goodwin, Hayden Blake, Jonas Romans, Chloe Harper, Lexi Cothern, Lawton Plumlee, Christa Simpson, Rafe Stratton, Laynie Hood, Kately Markland, Harley Robertson, Carly Goodwin, Aastin Smith

From Russellville Middle School: Jordan Duncan, John Carter Myers, Alex Hughes, Krisiana Holloway, Krisiana Barker, Andrew Colston, Brandy West, Dakota Hamilton

From Stevenson Elementary School: Grayson Beary, London Fynboe, Shaelyn Cross, Evan Edge, Raigan Fuston, Adrianna Roblero, Nickolas Phillips, Jonathon Vargas, Nickolas Phillips, Jonathon Vargas, Adaya Haycraft, Chloe Penrod


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