Why support local businesses?
By Jenn Dana

Posted on September 27, 2015 2:33 PM

Jenn Dana is a Michigan native who has relocated with her husband Glen and son Evan to West Logan. She is a farmer, homemaker, homeschool teacher and freelance writer. Her blog appears at “Little House on the 100.”

Almost every Tuesday and every Saturday since the beginning of summer, I have had the privilege of running a stand at our local farmers’ market. I have made some great memories and great friends as we sit around and get to know each other during the slower parts of the day.

Something that has struck me recently when we are slow, is why are more people not supporting our local market? I also am in charge of our Facebook page for advertising purposes, and in a town of almost 7,000 people, we have 760 likes on our page.

I often see small businesses open and close within a short period of time in smaller towns like Russellville. It’s really kind of sad to know that people in our community put their hearts and souls into opening a business and within a couple years they have to close it down. Now, I’m not saying it may not be their own fault. Some people are just not good business managers no matter how passionate they are about having a business. 

Last year I volunteered at the Saddle Factory down from the square to help support the local artists there, but in the timeframe of two months, working every Thursday afternoon, I maybe had three customers come into the store. This place was so cool! It had tons of stuff that local artists had made. These people are really talented and it’s a shame that it had to close its doors because it couldn’t afford to stay open with of lack of customers and volunteers.

Recently, some friends of mine from church opened a new business called The Pink Blueberry. It’s a local boutique here in town and it’s lovely! On the second day of them taking ownership, I went and bought something from the store because I want them to know I support them and their efforts. These ladies are working so hard to make their boutique a nice place to shop at and I plan on using them in the future to embroider t-shirts for our family business.

A while ago, I started buying JD Milk from the Piggly Wiggly because it’s a local business and I feel like it’s important to support them, although I must admit that I have slacked on that lately. Wal-Mart is just a little too convenient at times.

 Slappy’z is another local business that we eat at frequently (maybe too frequently if you know what I mean…) How about Cayce Mill? We bought a lot of stuff from them when we were building our home and even know the receptionists by name now.

So why buy local? These farmers at the market work very hard along with many other business owners in this town. When a business owner pours heart and soul into a business what they want most from their community is support. When you choose to take that extra step and extra time to buy locally, you’re putting clothes on the backs of kids that your kids sit next to in school every day.

I know it’s hard. I know it’s easier and more convenient to go to the big stores and just get what you want. But I also know that Logan County is a beautiful place to live and that the people here care deeply about others and love to help anybody when the need arises.

So, I challenge you to think about buying local this year, even if it’s baby steps. You could start by buying JD Milk over the big store brand or you could consider buying Christmas presents from a local business instead of taking your hard earned money to another town or community.

And come visit us at the local farmers’ market! I have tasted the tomatoes there and the tomatoes from the big stores and there is no comparison whatsoever.  The Logan County Farmers’ Market tomatoes win hands down every time.


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