Stevenson's Chapel UMC youth learn to serve others
By Pastor Michael Romans

Posted on June 22, 2015 12:28 AM

Stevenson's Chapel is a family of believers who are making disciples for Christ by uniting head, heart, and hand in service to God. 

Their younger youth group, led by Jennifer Clayton and Lisa Engler, were hungry to embrace this mission through serving the Russellville community. Lisa began volunteering at the Good Samaritan in town and became aware through that service of the deep need for something as simple as food. 

The summer can be an especially difficult time for families to keep up with the demand for food when they are not receiving any school meals to help supplement them. In sharing this need with her children's class they felt their hearts burdened for those who were going without food in their own community, and put their heads together to figure out what they, a group of about 10-15 young children, ages 5-11, could do to help. 

Once they had a plan, they got their hands busy working for God. The children's class had a baking day where they made and decorated a variety of cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and other delicious baked goods. They took all of their tasty creations and had a bake sale and canned food drive at the church. Their efforts raised over $300 and many cans of food. 

After the bake sale the leaders arranged for the children to take all of the money they raised and shop at our local Priceless IGA so they could see for themselves how far the money would be able to go toward helping families. Lisa used the opportunity to help the children learn some bargain shopping skills to stretch their money as far as possible. 

The children loved filling their shopping carts with food they would want to eat themselves, and thinking about the children and families they would be donating them to, who might enjoy the same foods they do. Four full shopping carts later, the children helped load up the vehicles and deliver the donations to the Good Samaritan.  They were shown around the mission by the director, Denise McDonald, who helped the children see how their donations would help their neighbors. A few of the group were able to stay and help stock. They were blessed to see their hard work turned into full shelves of good food awaiting hungry people. 

The young youth were overjoyed to share with the rest of the church about their project through a slide show and a heartfelt thank you from their leaders for the church's support. The children really used their heads, hearts, and hands to serve God, showing themselves and the congregation that "Though they may be little, they are mighty when they work with God!"

They also reminded and challenged the adults to 'go and do likewise.' Stevenson's Chapel is located at 1125 Stevensons Chapel Road near Russellville where they have weekly Sunday morning classes for all ages at 10, worship with children's church at 11, and Sunday night praise and worship followed by study groups for all ages with a meal provided at 5;30 p.m. 

They would love for you to join them!

Shown shopping for others in the photo upper right are Ashley McIntosh, Justice Clayton, Emily Romans, Willow Romans, Jonas Romans and Emily McIntosh.

Mixing food for others in the photo at upper left are Sarah McIntosh, Ashley McIntosh, Justice Clayton and Evan Dana.

Several of those involved in the ministry are shown in the photo at lower left. They are Caleb Ramirez, Justice Clayton, Denise McDonald of Good Samaritan, Evan Dana, Jonas Romans, Willow Romans, Emily McIntosh, Malayla Engler, Courtney Engler, Ashley McIntosh and Vincent Polk.

Enjoying a picnic themselves are Malyla Engler, Jersea Clayton, Savannah Lyle, Danielle Lyle, Caleb Ramirez, Elijah Garza, Evan Dana, Emily McIntosh, Willow Romans and Ashley McIntosh.

Shown around the mixing bowls in the photo lower right are Willow Romans, Emily McIntosh, Ashley McIntosh and Vincent Polk.



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