Russellville Beta (junior and senior) clubs induct new members

Posted on November 24, 2018 6:52 PM

On Thursday, Nov. 8, the Russellville Jr. and Sr. Beta Clubs held their annual induction ceremonies in the deGraffenried Auditorium. The theme was The Harvest, which was shown by fall décor and the subject of the speeches.

Senior Beta President Brandy West began the ceremony with a welcome speech followed by a prayer from Senior Beta Chaplain Madison Hyams. West then gave the introduction by explaining that students represent a harvest because of the combined efforts of the teachers and students to cultivate a group of new Betas who will lead by serving others.

The program then had various Beta officers speak on HARVEST qualities of Beta. Jr. Beta President Graciann Beard explained the H, honesty. Sr. Vice President Jayden Hammer had the A, achievement. Jr. Treasurer Abby Sanders promoted the R, responsibility, while Sr. Secretary/Treasurer Rian Saul explained the V, vision of the club. Jr. Secretary Anna Ragland promoted the E, enthusiasm, while Senior Historian MyDuyen Tran covered S, sincerity. The speeches were ended by a second Sr. Historian, Dakota Hamilton, who spoke on the effect of T, tolerance.

President West recited the Pledge of Membership with the inductees, and then sponsors Tera Ragland and Tanya Mullen recognized the new members. A closing prayer was given by Hyams, and West thanked everyone for coming and invited them to enjoy the refreshments.

New members are as follows:

Sixth Graders: Savannah Barnett, Grayson Beard, Madicyn Faith, Santos Guerrero Johnson, Carolina Gwynette, Tori Holder, Joseph Parrish, Madalyn Qualls, Caleb Ragland, Gage Rosser, Jayce Sparks and Noah Terry

Seventh Graders: Akiah Bell, Dakota Mayhew, Jermani Morris, Zachary Stafford

Eight Graders: Bailey Harper, Avril Marshall, Evan Minton, Jordin Morris, John Parrish, Destiny Powell, Kylie Vera Todd

Ninth Graders: Milo Brooks, Rainbow Browning, Andrew Colston, Jacoby Covington, Addilyn Cundiff, Irulan Evans, Dominica Flowers, Blaine Holly, Chelsea Kerr, Makiyah Morrow, Addison Mosier, May Ouansombath, Ethan Paddock, Jade Reed, Daylan Roberts, Colin Siletchnik, Luke Skipworth, Jack Smith, Emily Stapleton, Kryslyn Underwood, Jacob Wilkerson, Jennifer Wilkerson, Cody Williams, Jarrod Wright

Tenth Grade: Mikayla Duvall, Kenyon Kerr, Joshua Todd

Eleventh Grade: Derrick Deen, Tristin Erby, Lucy Graves, William Joseph Kinser and Margaret Strader



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