First-year Olmstead teacher invites parents to participate in PE class

Posted on October 9, 2018 8:54 PM

When Olmstead School physical education teacher Shelby McDonald received a screen shot from a Facebook page suggesting an idea for an activity in McDonald’s class, she immediately took to the idea and sent a message to parents to join their kids in PE during the week of September 24-28.

Take Your Kids to PE Week is an annual event to get parents involved. Research shows that if parents are healthy, their children are likely to be healthy. And, as a first-year teacher, McDonald wanted parents to have a chance to meet her and see what goes on in her PE classes each week. While parents are always welcome at Olmstead, visits usually involve having lunch with their children or volunteering for a school event.

Principal Bonnie Watson was very pleased with the turnout: “We had over 40 parents attend PE classes during this week. A number of them returned to classes during the week if they had more than one child in the school. It was exciting to see them having fun and participating in the activities of the classroom. Their children loved it. Ms. McDonald did an excellent job of planning some great activities where students and their parents could participate and have fun.”

McDonald was also pleased with the turnout: “I definitely think the week was a success. Parents had the opportunity to see what their child does in PE, and their children had the chance to interact in physical activities with their parents.” During classes, students and their parents worked with the parachute, competed in relay races, played Hungry Hippo, and joined many other games.

Upon signing in or signing out, parents voiced their thoughts on the week.

Mandi and Jerrett Dancer have two children at Olmstead. Jerrett serves in the Army and has not always had the opportunity to participate in school events with his children. Mandi said, “The kids were very excited leading up to their day. Jerrett went and had a great time with them. The kids are still talking about what fun they had with Dad there. They really enjoyed it, and I think it is a wonderful idea.”

Parent Patty Hammack Debock agrees: “I love the idea of getting parents involved,” she said.

Phyllis Borders has two grandchildren attending Olmstead, and she joined them in their PE classes. She said, “I had a great time. This is a great idea.”

When asked if this week might become an annual event, McDonald replied, “I would definitely do this again.”


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