Speaking of People looks at deaths, marriages and births in 2017
By Jim Turner

Posted on December 30, 2017 10:19 PM

At the end of each calendar year, I try to list some deaths of people we lost in Logan and Beyond that year. Please remember, this is far from an all-inclusive list. These are people I either knew well or are relatives of those who have played a role in my life. Every person’s death is important to those left behind, and I apologize to those I’ve omitted.

Also included are lists of newly married couples I know and to young families with their first baby together.

Our family has experienced deaths of people who have played big roles in our lives. They include:

Two of my first cousins, Sylvia Turner Thacker and Josephine Anderson Bayles, both of Franklin

An aunt who was important to Elaine, Frances Hackney

Our sister-in-law Debbie Hooper’s dad and brother, Bernie and Greg Muller

One of the most important women in our lives, Davy Lee Dockins, who “fixed us up” on our first date. I think Elaine forgave her for that about 10 years later. Davy Lee and Frank’s sons, Harris and Dave, were in our wedding.

Other senior women from our church family who we lost this year included Ima Jean Hite, Kathryne Edwards, Phyllis Sites and Virginia Hildabrand

My friend Millard Lewis also departed from this life. He and his wife Ernestine have been the senior members of the Lewis family for a few years and have set great examples for extended relatives by their attendance and devotion to the church. There’s an entire section at Crittenden Drive populated by Lewis descendants and their families.

Also gone are some who were part of or close to our church family over the years, Malta Moore, Henry McCarley, Jane Holloway, Nancy Guion, Joyce Chestnut, Bethany Ferguson Sanford, and Noram Head.

Ed Coffman meant a lot to Elaine and me. This great Southern gentleman got us both in the Kiwanis Club, which we enjoyed. I read his book Through My Father’s Eyes: The Story of Logan County, Kentucky several times before it was published, and I still refer to it often for local historical facts.

The death of gentleman educator Matt Tipton caused pain for many of us. I wrote about that at the time on The LoJo at http://www.theloganjournal.com/Stories.aspx?Article=features565&Search=Matt%20Tipton

Some families were hit more than once. Sisters Teresa Cauley and Nancy Schiess dealt with the death of both of their parents, Ray and Beverly Mullen, while Joe and Linda Harlan lost in the same year both of their mothers, Aaran Lee Harlan and Patsy Brown. Relda Wood experienced the death of her husband, David Wood, and of her grandson, Ryan Wood, much too close together.

My former newspaper family lost loved ones too soon. The entire community was saddened by the death of a fine young man, Jason Shoemake, in an out-of-state construction accident. His wife, Christy Nash Shoemake, had been in the advertising composition department. Also dying this year was Nancy Smith, daughter of the late newspaper general manager Mary Jane Smith. Nancy was a top tennis player and actress during my days coaching tennis and speech at Russellville High School. Richard Craig’s life was cut short. He was the father of journalism colleague Ryan Craigand the brother of the late Larry Craig.Also dying too young was award-winning journalist Eddie Kolb.

Some of those who departed this year brought many a smile into my life.

Nancy Atchison was a devoted Democrat activist who would write letters to the editor about the wrongs she firmly believed Republican office holders were working. First, however, she would call me down to the front desk at the newspaper office to read the letters to make sure she wasn’t going to get anybody in trouble for what she was saying.

Hazel Fleming was the long-time Spa columnist. I spent many hours editing her submissions over the years, but I found that after I left the editor’s position I still felt compelled to read her writings. I told her that she could win a Nobel Price, since William Faulkner earned his while using a stream-of consciousness writing style. Hazel never let a comma or a period get in the way of her thoughts-turned-to-printed word. Back in the days years ago when I would be invited to be a guest on WRUS’ Feedback, I always knew the first call would be from Hazel. I miss her.

Ronald Starks was a magistrate who could always be counted on for some juicy quotes at fiscal court meetings. President Trump frequently complains about governmental ‘leaks’ of information. Ronald had the Art of the Leak perfected. He was usually at odds with the late County Judge Bob Brown, and if they had been arguing in a closed session of the court, Ronald (and/or Clyde Nolan Sanders) could be counted on to spill the proverbial beans of what had happened behind closed doors.

When Ronald returned to the court after having lost a reelection bid four years earlier, he revealed that he had promised his wife that he wouldn’t use curse words at meetings. One day he said things that set off a woman attending the meeting into a tirade. When I looked at him with a bit of disapproval, he said, “I promised her I wouldn’t cuss anymore. I didn’t promise not to make someone else cuss.”

We also lost respected former public figures Sheriff/Jailer Morris Kisslbaugh, Deputy Sheriff Victor Romero, Treasurer Dorris McMillen and Jim Moore, one of three board members who voted for consolidation of Logan County schools into Logan County High School.

Other Deaths in 2017

Raymond Armistead, Alma Ashby, Jean Baker, Phil Barber, Gerald Barker, Bobby Basham, L.C. Beard Sr., Clark Beauchamp, Carrie Belcher, Gene Bell, Katie Bell Bigbee, Esther Bishop, Frances Durham Black, Ronnie Blackwell, Byron Borders, Stella Brady, Clarence Browder, George Brown, Jackie Burchett, Randy Burchett, Gillie Bell Grinter Cage, Jerry Caudill, Betty Jo Coleman, Jimmy Conger, Kennard Covington, Bill Cowan, James “Pee Wee” Cowan, Rebecca Brown Croslin, Joel Robert Davenport, Skyler Davis, Charles Dorris, Mary Willyne Dorris, David Dotson, Danny Duncan, Rosnoe Elam, Herman England Sr.,

Naomi Snorton Finch, Nancy Louise Fugate, Michael Gilbert, Floyd Gipson, Johnny Givens, Jolene Coursey Gower, Bos Grier, Helen Grisham, Esther Lou Johnson Gregory, Mitchell Hardin,  Wayne Harris, Anna Elizabeth Haynes, Gerald Hildabrand, Keith Hines, John Alfred Holder, Emma Noe Holliday, Peggy Sue Huffines, Norene Johnson, Charlie Justice, Paul Kurpiel, Ruth Kutzman, Dot Lack, Nell Lawrence, Charlie Lockhart, Mary Lou McEndre, Shirley Ann McCaslin, Sonny McMurtry, Renae Miller, Peggy Dorris Miller, Eddie Morgan, Audrey Nash, Barbara Oberhausen, Russell Offutt, Jim Oglesby, Denzil Ray Orange, Betty Jean Blakey Pike, J.T. Richardson, Wanda Faye Roach, Larry Scott, Melvin Sears, Clarence Sharp, Rudy Shelton, Gerald Scarbrough, Mitchell Smith, Tootsie Stamps, Don Stanton,  Marcus Staples, Julie Guion Steele, Michael Stokes, Laura Lee Carter Stuart, Edgar Taylor, Bobby Utley, Duncan Vick, Glenn Vick, Lillian Washington, Josephine West, Nola Willeford, Mona Williams, Mildred Wilson, Patty Britt Wilson, Lan Wood, Sandra Allen Woodward

First Christmas as a Married Couple

David and Irene Key Atkins, Justin and Chrissy Warrilow Barr, Dalton and Katelyn Jones Berry, Chris and Holli Brown Black, John Logan and Savannah Burns Dockins, Joseph and Amber Thorlton Faulkner, Byron and Allyson Michael Morlino Flowers, Matt and Christy Johnson Hackney, Clay and Laura Helen Vance Johnson, Brandon and Anna Wilkins Kilgus, August and Owen Margaret Townsend Kruse, Chris and Shannon Leach, doctors Zan and Sara Holliday Lee, Montez and Jessica Frazier Mason, Seth and Lindsey Stahl McReynolds, Logan and Kyra Forgy Morris, Joseph and Caroline Fuqua Owens, Ethan and Taylor Tinsley Shutt, Mason and Christian Lynch Stratton, and Zackaree and  Katie Rae Ann Weston Taylor

First Christmas with a Baby

Jordan and Meagan Allen, Jake and Maggie Fose, Mike and Maria Hoots, Thomas and Sarah Nelson, John Brett and Kasey Reynolds, Kelcie and Jordan Richart, Jonathan and Elyse Stuart, Tyler and Allison Toon, Clay and Amanda Turner, Zack Woodall and Paige Gilliam

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